Fishing Rates



Fishing Rates

Inshore/Half day 1-2 people: $350
Add an aditional $50 for every person over 2, with a max of 4 anglers.
Includes Fishing License, Gas, Ice, Bait, local knowledge, and Tackle use.

Inshore/Full day 1-2 people: $450
Add $50 for every person over 2, 4 person max.
Includes Fishing License, Gas, Ice, Bait, local knowledge and Tackle use.

Shallow water Grouper trips on the skiff: $550 for up to 3 people.

Our offshore prices start at $1000 for 4 people and $1200 for 6 people during the off season (January-May).

Red Snapper Season (June 1-July 20): This trip starts out at $1500, and that covers your basic trip out 40 miles and closer and $1600 to fish 55 miles and closer.  This trip leaves the dock at 7 a.m. and gets back by 4 p.m. if you want to stay out later, we charge an additional $100 an hour.

Day trips to the middle grounds are $2600

18-30 hours: $3000 (Middle Grounds over night)

Offshore trips include Gas, Bait, Fishing License, Expert knowledge, Fishing Stories, Drinks, and the cleaning of your fish!

Scalloping trips: 4 hour trips, (two a day) $350 for up to 4 people, 50 for every additional person, up to 6.

Scalloping/Fishing full day 1-4 people $500

Night Shark Fishing Trips Inshore ($400)  Offshore $1000

Night snook fishing: $400 (4 hour trip)

Tipping is a Tradition in the Charter Fishing industry and many captains rely on tips to keep their businesses running. 10-20 percent is the customary tip, depending on how good.