Offshore Trips



Offshore Trips



Offshore trips out of Homosassa can be very exciting, we catch a wide varity of grouper, snapper, and peligec fish. We base pricing on how far you want to go out and how long you want to stay our. Here is the break down for offshore fishing trips based on hours and distance, more hours means we will go further offshore. Any trip over 6 hours I bring a first mate to help with the boat and to take care of the customers, Mates work for tips so please take into account the amount of work they do and tip appropriately. Thank you. If for some reason we do not catch fish, and it is not due to foul weather, I will decrease all prices by $200.We also offer overnight trips for up to 2 days, call for more details. (prices may vary due to fluctuations of gas prices)

Our basic offshore grouper trip for Gags, Reds, Kings, and Cobia start off at $1400 for 6 and goes up from there based on how far you want to go.  This is a great value when you take into consideration that you will be fishing off of a 33 foot world cat that is very comfortable, you will be using top of the line gear, and we will be running at least 20 miles offshore, usually 20-40 miles out depending on what the fish are doing.  When Grouper are out of season we offer trips for snapper, grunts, sea bass, hog fish, kings, and sheepshead for $1200 and that is for up to 6 people.

We keep our 33 foot World Cat very clean and we service it often. Our Offshore boat offers a smooth and dry ride in seas up too 4-5 feet tall, and our twin engines give us added security and speed. We have Sirus weather which allows us to track storms in real time, an eperb, coast guard approved life jackets, flare guns, and all other safety equipment required by the coast guard. We also carry two spots which allow us to send okay messages to someone on shore or ask for help, basically we are very safe and prepared for anything to go wrong.

Middle Grounds Trips:
We now also offer over night middle grounds trips, The Middle Grounds is the name of an area that is 95-140 miles offshore of Homosassa, it is one of the most unique fisheries in the world. There are 50-100 foot ledges all over the place and the depth will range from 70-170 feet of water with in the limits of the grounds, the surface water never goes below 70 degrees, the same temp as the gulf stream, so we can catch pelagic species year round in this area. We catch a huge variety of groupers and snappers on the bottom including: Red Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, B-Liners, Lane Snapper, Hog Fish, Scamp Grouper, Red Grouper, Huge Gag Grouper, Black Grouper, and Amber Jack just to name a few of the best tasting! Just Give me a call if your interested in the most exciting fishing trip of your life!

Here is a list of fish we catch on a normal offshore adventure: Gag grouper, Red Grouper, Scamp Grouper, Goliath Grouper, Sharks, Mangrove Snapper, Red Snapper, Cobia, King fish, spanish Mackerel, Bonita, flounder, grunts, Black Seabass, porgies, trigger fish, Hog Fish, and tripple tail.

We are a holder of a Federal Gulf Reef Fish permit and a Gulf Migratory Species Permit. Basically, this is the license that allows us to take you offshore fishing legally, many boats do not have this permit, so be sure to ask the captain to see the permit before you leave the dock.